About us

STRIHL is a well-established company in manufacturing, planning and sales of professional lighting solutions for companies and the public sector.

The brand is primarily known for flexibility and delivery security. The products are characterized by user-friendliness, durability and performance. Our strong offering includes products for complete outdoor lighting solutions as well as industry premises, warehouses and indoor sports halls.

Head office, production and warehouse are located on the Swedish west coast in Kungsbacka. Here, everything takes place under one roof – manufacturing, light planning, product development and warehouse management.

Our mission

By offering the market’s most attractive and comprehensive range of energy-efficient and close to maintenance-free lighting products, we contribute to productivity, safety and movement during the dark hours of the day. As a complete supplier, we keep a common thread in the range to get synergy effects between the products. We simplify the purchasing process for maximized competitiveness.

Our vision

We must in all situations offer a solution that meets high expectations. We see the long-term value in every project and our goal is to be an obvious one-stop-shop for lighting solutions in many different outdoor and indoor applications. We strive to optimize the products for economic, environmentally friendly and social benefits in the finished facility.

Founded in 2002

We have proudly delivered over half a million lighting luminaires to about a hundred satisfied municipalities and a couple of hundred electrical installers during our 20 years in the industry. From initially having the role of low-cost alternative, careful product development has placed the brand and products in the fine room.

Acquired by Indutrade in 2019

In 2019, we became part of the Indutrade Group. A strongly growing international industrial group that in 2018 had sales of SEK 16.9 Billion.

Besök Indutrade

1800m2 high warehouse

Our large storage capacity makes us the best in the industry when it comes to delivery security, and from here more than 60,000 lighting fixtures are shipped annually

19 employees

Our colleagues are located in Sweden, Finland, Poland and China.