Recommendations for lighting football pitches (SvFF)

Recommendations for lighting football pitches (SvFF)

This documentation for lighting football pitches has been prepared for the Swedish Football Association and constitutes recommendations for planning and design of lighting. The material has been prepared in collaboration with Bengt-Åke Magnusson, Extol Lighting AB.

About lighting intensities

lluminance is expressed in lux and has the designation E.
On a football pitch, the illuminance is measured and calculated in two pitches, horizontally and vertically, ie how much light you have on a horizontal and vertical surface, respectively.

Indicated lighting intensities refer to operating values, ie that the value should not be exceeded at any time. Due to the fact that the light flux of the lamps decreases over time, depending on the number of burning hours, the number of ignitions and the fouling of the luminaires, the customer should ensure that the system at new installation (new value) maintains a value that is 25% higher than the values ​​given below.

Lighting technical recommendations

Broad football

Horizontal average illuminance, Ehmed, >200 lux.
Horizontal uniformity, Ehmin/Ehmax, >0,50.
Vertical average illuminance, Evmed, >100 lux mot långsidorna.
Vvertical uniformity, Evmin/Evmed, >0,15.

Elite football

specific arena requirements for the Allsvenskan, Damallsvenskan, Superettan, Elitettan (women), (Ettan men) and futsal – see Rules and regulations