Product development

Our wide range of lighting products is constantly evolving to offer the most competitive options on the market in terms of energy efficiency, quality, longevity, overall economy and lighting comfort. It cannot be emphasized enough how meticulously we work to maximize the quality of the products in the range.

With a 5-year functional guarantee, you as a customer can sit back and feel confident in our excellence in the field. The tests are thorough and sometimes carried out for several years before the products are released, so there is no room for error.

Focusing on the user

We strive to give you, the user, a positive experience and make everyday life easier for those who work with the products. Therefore, we ensure that the products are easy to assemble and install. For example, most of our luminaires are delivered complete with mounting and a long pre-assembled installation cable, which saves time at the workplace.

We have a unique holistic approach and want to make it easy to complement the plant with a wide range of accessories, from tailor-made smart controls to prefabricated concrete foundations, protective equipment and the right fixing details.

Lighting performance at the forefront

We are constantly developing and testing the lighting performance of our products. Today's luminaires are an interacting system of electronics and optics. We have the knowledge of how to achieve the highest performance. The field is undergoing exciting development and we build luminaires that weave the best the market has to offer into a compatible system.

The right configuration for best performance

We can highly precision customize our lighting fixtures to precisely match different types of configurations with LED chips and other electronics for maximum light comfort, energy efficiency and longevity.

We have both the knowledge and the technical capabilities to provide hundreds of satisfied customers across the Nordic region with high quality, long-lasting lighting products. Our products prove this year after year with their user-friendliness, high performance and extremely low failure rate. It is a continuous improvement effort to maintain the highest performance and quality throughout the entire range. We ensure that the products have and will have the best technology so that you as a customer can be sure that you have chosen the right partner in lighting.

Cooperation with world-leading companies

We work with the best technology-oriented companies in the world. By not manufacturing our own LED chips or drivers, we are flexible enough to always use the best technology available. The evolution of LED and drivers is fast and the market leaders change just as quickly. We are constantly evaluating new products to stay ahead of the curve.

Rigorous testing ensures lighting performance

The photometric performance is tested and developed with mirror monoiphotometers for the production of light files, ensuring true photometric values. The method shows in black and white how the luminaire or LED module performs in terms of optics and luminous flux. The result is a .LDT or .IES light file which is then used to present values using the world leading software from DIAL, DIALux for light calculations.

We are careful to always distinguish between fantasy and reality when it comes to lifespans and energy efficiency.

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Andreas Andersson
Product Manager