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Lighting luminaires

Luminaires for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.

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Lighting masts

Swedish made lighting masts in truss construction, certified according to EN1090-1.

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Lighting columns

Practical lighting columns in a variety of materials, shapes and lengths.

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Road & street lighting

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Park- & city lighting

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Sports & Exercise Lighting

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Industrial & area lighting

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Traditional truss mast manufacturing can be a complicated and energy-intensive process. Until the start of our new factory in Kungsbacka in 2014, masts were hand-welded, but today the robot welds a mast in a fraction of the time of hand-welding.

No room is left for surprises, we fully control our production flow and use only the best raw materials on the market in the form of high-quality Swedish steel. In other words, we have total control that benefits both quality and service. A win-win for us and our customers!

Our masts are an environmentally cleaner option as robotic welding has minimal energy consumption and deliveries stay within Sweden which is essential for the rather bulky mast sections.

A natural choice for those who see the benefits of minimising the footprint on our planet - but also in terms of quality, security of supply and economy.

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Street lights


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Indoor luminaires

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LED-conversion in Varberg

Road and street lighting

Consto Arena, Mjøndalen

Sports- and exercise lighting

Guide Arena

Sports- and exercise lighting
Nordic municipalities prefer us as their lighting partner.


Over the years, we have successfully delivered over half a million lighting fixtures to several hundred satisfied customers, including municipalities, electricians and a wide range of companies. Our long experience and broad knowledge, together with a focus on careful product development, make us the safe choice for you as a customer.

As a customer of STRIHL, we have purchased about 3500 luminaires, most of which have been street lights but also some park and tree lights. The support has been very good as well as the deliveries, quality and the products themselves. STRIHL as a supplier to us has done very well and as a whole gets a very good rating from us as an energy company.

Mattias Svensson
Gislaveds Energi AB

I think STRIHL has good service, fast deliveries and is flexible just like I want our suppliers to be.

Daniel Persson

STRIHL has served as a reliable lighting partner and has also proven to be very quick in planning and adapting products for our projects. Both the products and the support are of the high standard we expect. A warm recommendation from us!

Mikael Lindgren

For me, working in the service sector, STRIHL is a natural choice when I am looking for a supplier that is fast, reliable & serious.

From conversation to site visit, it rarely takes many days, as well as when this is done, you get a serious quote with correct bases & calculations.

This often results in the end customer being given a cost to consider shortly after the request

Pontus Edwardzon

Some municipalities that have placed their trust in us over the years

Some companies that have given us confidence over the years