Lighting design

With free and accurate light calculations, we optimise each individual installation for the best possible end result. Thanks to our long and extensive experience in lighting, we are skilled in analysing, designing and calculating lighting to create a highly competitive offer.

Careful analysis for a successful project

We analyse and design the plant based on the data and requirements of the projects and work out the most energy- and cost-efficient solution. Lighting can be installed in an infinite number of combinations. We provide input and ideas at the design stage and are happy to bounce ideas off a sharp enquiry with defined requirements.

It is important to work together to define the basis for evaluation at an early stage when designing a new lighting system. This is in order to find out more quickly what type of system is suitable. Evaluation criteria can be anything from design and aesthetics to technical lighting requirements, economy, traffic safety, etc. Regardless of the evaluation criteria, our goal is to present a cost-effective and interesting solution.

World-leading software

We use world-leading free software from DIAL that comply with current international norms and standards. The programs are free for anyone to use.

DIALux 4

DIALux 4 is used to quickly determine the choice of luminaires and how many are needed, the program is very user-friendly designed and the process of surfaces and luminaires is done in simple steps. DIALux 4 is mainly used for complex outdoor calculations such as sports fields, football pitches or stadiums where DIALux EVO lacks support and necessary functions. At the moment there is no support for DIALux 4 as DIAL has decided to go all in with EVO.

» DIALux version 4


The strength of DIALux EVO is the unlimited possibility to design and calculate the light for an entire building with rooms, floors and outdoor areas in a single project. The program handles 3D models (e.g. BIM files) that can be used to construct rooms and buildings for a faster workflow. DIALux EVO can handle street design according to European norms and standards in an exemplary and very user-friendly way.

» DIALux EVO 9.2

A completely free service

We offer light calculations as a completely free service to ensure that any deal is as good and cost-effective as possible. This is a prerequisite for an optimal, functional and accurately designed lighting installation. As lighting designers, we work to offer our clients competitive solutions that comply with national and international norms and standards.

We optimize each individual plant

Lighting calculations are a way to optimize each individual installation and ensure the best possible end result. It guarantees a facility with uniform lighting and the right brightness, with the least number of luminaires to place the light where it really matters. Over the years, we have light calculated thousands of installations, large and small, in many different areas. It is important that defined lighting requirements are met, that the investment cost is minimized and that the operation of the finished facility is as comfortable and cost-effective as possible.

What do we need?

To get started with a lighting calculation, we need to know the lighting requirements, if any have been defined. We also need a dimensioned sketch of the area. This can be a simple paper sketch or a PDF file, but for best results a DWG file is preferable. It may also be beneficial to indicate the heights of any buildings and any obstacles or future obstacles.


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Lighting design / Support / Quality manager
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Lighting design / Support
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Lighting design / Support