Mast production

We have manufactured and supplied thousands of tall lighting masts with foundations of the best lighting mast on the market. The masts are suitable for lighting football grounds, sports fields, airports, ports and other large areas.
Heights between 6-42m.

We calculate the strength of wind loads and weights. Our lighting masts have a lifespan of at least 50 years.

Local produce - an environmentally cleaner alternative

Traditional manufacturing of lattice masts can be a complicated and energy-intensive process. Until the start of our new factory in Kungsbacka in 2014, masts were hand-welded, but today the robot welds a mast in a fraction of the time of hand-welding.
There is no room for surprises, we completely control our production flow and use only the best raw materials on the market in the form of high-grade Swedish quality steel. In other words, we have total control that benefits both quality and service. A win-win for us and our customers!

Our masts are an environmentally cleaner option as robotic welding has minimal energy consumption and deliveries stay within Sweden which is essential for the rather bulky mast sections.

A natural choice for those who see the benefits of minimising the footprint on our planet - but also in terms of quality, security of supply and economy.

In-house manufacturing for full control of the production flow

In our automated robotic welding facility, we can produce products quickly, cost-effectively and in an environmentally cleaner way. Steel production is certified according to EN1090 and EN40. The production contributes to a profitability that is passed on to our customers.

  • Controlled stable production and quality control
  • Exclusively high-quality Swedish steel
  • Order management with fast and secure deliveries
  • Time optimisation, no risk of flow disruptions
  • Sustainable - Environmentally cleaner manufacturing
  • Competitive pricing
  • Large inventory for a constantly growing customer base
  • Made in Sweden by STRIHL