We offer installation of lighting columns and floodlights in the field. A commitment that makes a lighting project manageable for any electrical contractor, as only the wiring and commissioning remain.

A comprehensive commitment to make things easier for you

As a supplier and installer, we can take care of everything from the assembly of masts and floodlights at ground level to the erection, fine-tuning of luminaire angles and finally the light measurement to ensure the full functionality of the installation in terms of light values. The offer consists of the following elements:

  • Installation of lighting columns on the ground
  • Installation of fixings and any accessories
  • Mounting of luminaires
  • Rough alignment of luminaire angles before erection
  • Erection of complete masts
  • Fine adjustment of luminaire angles
  • Light measurement for checking light values

Cost effective and time-saving

We are proud to offer assembly as a service. It guarantees a professional installation according to an elaborate method that is both cost effective and time saving. Our experienced installation team works on projects large and small, installing masts and floodlights so that only commissioning remains.

Thanks to this, we can offer a competitive and customized lighting solution assembled and ready. A total commitment where we plan, deliver and install your future lighting installation on time, on budget and to the highest quality with precision at your fingertips.