We want to contribute to a brighter future

At STRIHL, sustainability is part of our daily work and we want to make a difference for future generations. We will not be passive in the face of the greatest climate crisis of our time, the challenges facing society are great, but together we can make a difference.

Sustainability is our focus when developing our products and with lighting solutions adapted to human needs and with the least possible environmental impact, we take our responsibility for a sustainable development in society.

Future lighting contributes to sustainable solutions

With our expertise in lighting, we create customized solutions for lighting public spaces. Our aim is to contribute to a safe, secure and productive outdoor and working environment.

The right light in the right place increases well-being, this in itself is an important aspect that is often forgotten when talking about sustainability. A deep understanding of people's lighting needs, knowledge of lighting design and high quality, long-lasting products ensure that our lighting solutions last over time and thus keep consumption at a sustainable level.

We will act responsibly with regard to the environment, working conditions, human rights and ethical business practices.

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Improved packaging with a focus on circularity

We will contribute to a circular economy. We do this by recycling and reusing materials together with reducing waste in our value chain. We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the climate impact of material use, packaging and to maximize waste recycling. Today, our packaging consists almost exclusively of recyclable and reusable materials.

We have largely replaced the use of plastic as a packaging material with cardboard due to the fact that plastic constitutes a large part of global waste that does not break down naturally and is a source of marine, soil and air pollution. Moreover, some plastics can be linked to harmful substances and recycling rates are often low due to contamination and difficulties in separating different types of plastics from each other.

Instead, cardboard is produced from paper pulp, a renewable material that is recyclable and biodegradable, meaning there is no harmful environmental impact. The material also meets all our requirements for protective properties during transport and handling. We customize cartons for specific products to ensure space-efficient transport.

Modernizing street lighting with sustainable inputs

We offer model-specific LED inserts as a sustainable alternative to replacing the entire existing street luminaire. Material savings in the form of cable and luminaire housing are significant as an average of 6m of cable and 4kg of aluminum is saved on a light point, as the cable and luminaire housing are reused. This contributes to an improved circular economy and a reduced footprint in material use.

The inserts are prepared for the design of each luminaire housing and are also optimized for the fastest possible work steps during conversion. In principle, the conversion itself is carried out in the same time as a planned serial change of light source. Since these are carried out at regular intervals, extra work can be avoided. There is usually time to change 6 inserts compared to 2 new luminaires per hour.

Lifetime of LED module and driver often matches the remaining lifetime of the luminaire housing well and if you have a stock of, for example, 3000 luminaires.If you have a stock of, for example, 3000 luminaires that are 8-10 years old where you can reduce from 50W excluding losses to 30W, the energy savings together with reduced maintenance provide significant sums on the bottom line over 17-20 years.

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Own mast production for a sustainable end product

Our masts have a calculated lifespan of 50 years and are certified according to EU standard EN1090-1. The masts are an environmentally cleaner alternative as our modern robot welding facility consumes minimal energy compared to hand welding. The material is sourced from Swedish manufacturers and deliveries of the finished product stay within the Nordic region, which is essential for the rather bulky mast sections.

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Modern LED technology combined with smart lighting control can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. 

Energy efficient LED technology for reduced CO2 emissions

One of our priorities is increased energy efficiency which in itself benefits the environment but also the user from an economic aspect. Today's modern technology allows high light output (Lumen per Watt) which ensures great advantages over conventional, outdated and sometimes environmentally hazardous light sources. By replacing conventional luminaires and light sources with modern LED technology, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50%. Add smart lighting control and consumption can be reduced by up to 90%. 


We care about our common environment to contribute to a positive environmental development and do everything we can to develop, produce and deliver lighting products with the expected quality, on time. As a led part of this, we are certified according to ISO 14001 (environment) and ISO 9001 (quality).

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