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Energy savings and safety combined when Kungsbacka invests in smart streetlights

Kungsbacka Municipality has chosen to install ORION 1 with wireless light control and presence sensors in a residential area to promote sustainability, innovation and safe environments.

The transition to LED alone reduces energy consumption by about half, and with presence sensors and Airglow for wireless light control, energy savings of another 50% can be expected compared to LED lighting without control. With the increased cost of electricity, municipal street lighting has become a high priority.

Tailored street lighting is a hot topic.

The idea behind wirelessly controlling modern street luminaires is the huge difference between the more or less constant lighting that most of our street environments have today and the real lighting needs.

The work is part of a larger investment that Kungsbacka Municipality makes in IT and infrastructure, where wireless light control in combination with sensors contributes to a healthier need-adapted lighting. The goal is that this contributes to energy savings and a continued safe environment for the municipality's residents. A number of different technologies are currently being tested on relatively small areas, with the ambition to move from small-scale to large-scale in the future.

The project in brief

Postgårdsvägen in Kungbacka is a small residential area with about 50 households and about 30 street lamps.

" 29 50W high-pressure sodium luminaires replaced with an equivalent number of 32W ORION 1 32W LED street luminaires.
" 29 AirGlows (light control) in combination with TE Connectivity Lumawise PIR sensors.
" Easy and quick installation via Zhaga Book 18 socket.
" Estimated energy savings: 50% when replacing a street luminaire. Further approximately 50% reduced energy consumption compared to LED lighting without control.
" Other: one-time cost for the purchase of the extra-equipped luminaire, no recurring fees - fast payback time.

Need-adapted lighting is a hot topic today, as there is a huge difference between the more or less constant lighting most of our street environments have today and the real lighting needs. LumenRadio has developed a solution for this with our AirGlow product.

Niclas Norlén
Development and Product Manager for Smart Cities, LumenRadio.

Products used

Orion 1

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