Park- and city lighting



Lighting for public spaces helps people feel safe and oriented and contributes to the character of the city depending on the design and luminaire design. It is an effective way to make selected places attractive and thus contribute to people wanting to move around in the area.


» OUTDOOR ENVIRONMENTS - The physical design of luminaires is of utmost importance as luminaires in outdoor environments are exposed to enormous external impact and risk of vandalism. High quality park luminaires should have a high Ingress Protection (IP) and vandal class (IK). The luminaire housing should have effective heat dissipation with substantial heat sinks and be made of corrosion-resistant material with oven-cured powder coating. A five-year warranty provides the basis for trouble-free and safe operation of the system.

»SITE DESIGN - Every public place is unique and it is important to position lighting to minimise the risk of collision or other external impact.

For best lighting comfort, posts at heights of 3-5m are recommended and effects adjusted to lighting class if one is defined. Circular, symmetrical light patterns are widely used to illuminate public spaces and the well-attenuated light source is positioned so that it is not at eye level.

» MINIMISED LIGHT DISTURBANCE - Good shielding and thoughtful luminaire design are important to eliminate light scattering upwards from the luminaire. The night sky should be preserved as light pollution is believed to affect species and ecosystem functions.

A living city - day and night

We strive to make public spaces attractive day and night and believe that light contributes to more vibrant and welcoming meeting places. That's why we've developed a comprehensive range of post-top park luminaires with different expressions and designs, bollards, floodlights and posts and brackets to adapt installations to conditions and needs.

High quality and optimal light comfort in all situations

With nearly 20 years of experience in public lighting, we have developed custom luminaires with well-shielded optics to handle the high demands of lighting comfort in public spaces. An optimised light pattern benefits not only residents and visitors, but also nearby homes and the natural environment around illuminated places. The right luminaire with the right optics places light where it is needed without discomfort glare and contributes to minimised light pollution.

We tailor the installation

There are many parameters involved in planning a lighting system for public spaces. In addition to site design, it is important to consider column height, luminaire design, optics and placement for the best possible end result. Our skilled consultants will assist with lighting calculations free of charge.

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